I started modeling in 2006 and keep building up my experiences and posing skills every since. I am very versatile and can handle a lot of different looks. I am able to do my own hairstyling and make-up and also providing my own clothes and styling. You can book me for portrait/beauty/fetish/editorial/artwork shoots, as well as for catwalk, hostess, promo and catalogue work. I am flexibe so please don’t hesitate to inquire and contact me for other projects!



I started out with photography in the beginning of 2013 by taking self portraits. From then on I quickly started gaining experiences in product, street, macro and model photography.
You can book me as a photographer for portraits, portfolio, and product shots. Feel free to contact me about other projects as well.
Since I am both model and photographer, I can also easily shoot product/catalogue photos with myself as a model for f.e. your clothing line.



My work as a model has sparked my passion for digital retouching. I started mastering Lightroom and Photoshop since 2012 and constantly try to learn and improve my skills. I am able to do many different kind of retouch actions to obtain an enhanced photo as a result.  (Examples are skin retouch, hair retouch, color adjustments, digital make-up, compositions, background changement, polishing, removal of wrinkles and folds in clothes…)