FAQ: Where To Buy Magic Retouch From Loreal?

How long does Loreal magic retouch last?

The product comes in a little spray can which promises enough contents for up to 30 applications. The product is also supposed to last until you wash it out. The size of the can makes it ideal to slip into your makeup bag or handbag.

Is Loreal magic root touch up permanent?

The world’s number 1 root concealer brand*, perfectly covers grey hair. Suitable for people who use permanent or semi-permanent hair dye and can be matched with your hair colour, even salon colour, for a natural looking finish.

Does Loreal magic retouch wash out?

Safe on scalp, sweat-proof and washes off easily in just 1 shampoo. Conceal your grey roots with L’Oréal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray. Its pinpoint micro-diffuser precisely targets greys with rich color pigments. Get perfectly blended coverage every time, anywhere.

Is magic retouch any good?

Testers loved the impressive performance at concealing grey hairs. Its ‘matte texture’ was praised by many for its natural looking result. Testers also raved about the natural colours that blended well with their existing colour.

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Is Loreal magic retouch waterproof?

What you need to know: Not only do these sprays come in five shades that suit most hair colours (there’s black, dark brown, brown, light brown and blonde), they’re also water resistant – making it suitable for any occasion. For best results, only use it on dry (not damp) and styled hair.

Does magic retouch cover GREY hair?

1 root concealer. * Magic Retouch Concealer Spray instantly covers greys in just 3 seconds. The pinpoint micro-diffuser precisely targets greys and the rich colour pigments give you perfectly blended coverage – the only root concealer for when you’re on the go.

Does root touch up damage hair?

Put simply: yes, you can, but it’s not the ideal scenario. The simple reason is that your hair is already colored, and the hair dye effect is still there, so applying another hair color over an existing one is horrible for your hair.

Does L Oreal magic root cover up cause hair loss?

Unfortunately, one of the side effects I experience from the condition is temporary hair loss, usually around the frontal and temporal regions. I’ve tried many different products to either regrow or coverup with minimal results.

Does Loreal root rescue work?

“It looked natural and blended with my existing color,” noted one volunteer. Some testers reported that the dye didn’t cover resistant grays and complained of fading. Those results were echoed in the lab, where our experts found that root touch- ups faded more quickly than permanent haircolor.

Does Loreal magic retouch work on dark roots?

Magic retouch introduces our instant dark root concealer Spray tailored for blonde shades! The formula naturally blends with your hair colour and lasts until shampooed out.

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Does magic retouch run in the rain?

The product dries quickly, although perhaps not as quick as advertised as it did transfer for a number of minutes after application. But once dry, it stayed put even after a very wet rainy walk. A huge positive to this product for the ‘freshly coloured look’ it gave my hair.

What is Loreal magic retouch?

The L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch is an instant root concealer spray that covers grey roots in just one quick spray – when, Where and how you need it. The pinpoint micro-diffuser precisely targets greys and the rich color pigments give you perfectly blended coverage. Lasts until washed out.

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