How To Mix Goldwell Silk Lift For On Scalp Retouch?

Can you use Goldwell Silk Lift on the scalp?

High performance Lightener with Shield Technology. Gentle lifting of up to 5 levels, ammonia-free, for lighter bases and less resistant hair types. Use with SilkLift Conditioning Cream Developer Only. For on-scalp (maximum 6 %/ 20 vol.)

How do you use a SilkLift?

Application: Blend SilkLift developer, SilkLift Control High Performance Lightener with Tone Control and SilkLift Control Essential Tone Stabilizer to a creamy consistency. Apply mixture evenly. Depending on the desired lightening result process for maximum 45 minutes at room temperature. Do not exceed processing time.

How do I use Goldwell Oxycur Platin?

Lotion + 30mL water + 5mL shampoo + 15mL conditioner per each level scoop of Oxycur Platin (25g). Apply evenly to hair. Dust Free Mixture for a creamier viscosity as well as a slower process,but a more even lightening effect. until desired lightness is achieved.

How do you use Goldwell Color Remover?

Removal of unwanted hair color in just 20 minutes

  1. Using an applicator bottle or color bowl, mix all of Lotion 1 and Lotion 2 together.
  2. Starting with the darkest areas first, apply mixture to selected areas.
  3. Process 15 – 20 minutes, depending on the degree of removal desired.

How do you mix Goldwell Blonding cream?

how to use

  1. Apply to dry hair.
  2. Topchic’s mixing ratio 2:1 – 2 parts lotion to 1 part Topchic hair color. ( add in desired Blonding Cream )
  3. Apply product to client’s hair.
  4. Processing time: 45 minutes without heat, 30 minutes with heat.
  5. Shampoo with Dualsense’s FadeStop Color Shampoo.
  6. Apply Goldwell’s care products.
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How do you use Goldwell bleach?

Process at room temperature for 10-45 minutes until desired lightness is achieved. Check frequently during processing to reach desired lightness. Once complete, rinse thoroughly. Shampoo and condition using a suitable Goldwell shampoo and conditioner to neutralize any residual alkalinity in the hair.

How do you mix blue flash powder lightener?

Depending on the desired degree of lightening and consistency, mix with Salon Careā„¢ Developers 10 vol., 20 vol., 30 vol., or 40 vol; In a ratio of 1 scoop of powder to 2 scoops of developer in a non-metallic bowl. When applying directly to the scalp, do not exceed 20 vol. Developer. Apply to dry, unwashed hair.

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