Often asked: How Soon Can You Do A Weave Afer Retouch?

Can I relax my hair then get a sew in?

Please allow a couple of weeks after relaxing to get a sew-in. This allows your hair to strengthen enough to withstand the tension of braids and the weight of the extensions. Also, be sure to treat your hair with strengthening oils and serums before installation.

How long should you wait between weaves?

“The recommended length of time to keep a weave in is two months,” says Charlotte. “Full head weaves and tracks should be touched up every 2 to 4 weeks. You should also leave a 2 to 4 week gap in-between weaves and it’s essential to have conditioning treatments done before, during and after your weave,” she adds.

How long should I wait to braid my hair after relaxing it?

MYTH #3: You can relax your hair and get braids the next day. Porch said she suggests relaxed clients wait at least 2 to 3 weeks after you relax your hair to get braids. After getting a relaxer, your hair is in a “fragile” state and needs to not be manipulated with tights styles like braids or twists.

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How long after a texturizer can I get braids?

I usually recommend waiting for about 3 -6 weeks after a relaxer before getting braids so that you will have at least half an inch of strong new growth. To be honest, the rough texture of your natural hair gives me a good grip during braiding and makes it easier for me to braid it.

Do sew in damage your hair?

While a weave or extensions can be a great way to switch up your hairstyle, they can damage your natural hair and even cause hair loss if proper precautions and care are not taken.

Can you get a sew in after a perm?

Perming your hair and then throwing a weave on top will promote shedding and damage to YOUR NATURAL HAIR. Perming the hair leaves the hair in a weakened state to begin with. If you’re using weaves to grow your hair or to grow previous damage to your hair out, this is counterproductive.

Can a white girl get a weave?

White girls can get sew in hair extensions but aside from that, there are other methods to use for your extensions if you think that sew in doesn’t work. For most white girls, the major complaint has been that the sew in weaves normally come off sooner than the stipulated time it should take.

Is it bad to wear weave all the time?

Weaves should only be worn for 4-6 weeks at a time as your scalp needs to breathe! Wearing the same weave style for more than this time period without washing can lead to unsanitary conditions that can also lead to hair loss.

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How often should you wash your weave?

Just like your natural hair, your weave needs to be cleaned (once every two weeks; every week if you work out a lot). It can easily pick up bad scents, dirt, and debris, much like your real hair. So when your hair, the extensions, or both start looking stringy, it’s time to give them a good scrub-down.

What happens if you stop relaxing your hair?

In some cases, if you continue to relax your hair, you can cause permanent damage to your hair follicles, when this happens, your hair will not grow back. Below is a picture of scarring alopecia on the top of the scalp. Scarring causes the hair follicle opening to close. This causes permanent hair loss.

Does braiding damage relaxed hair?

Relaxed hair is weaker than natural hair that has been dyed. If you then braid your hair, you’re braiding hair with a compromised protein infrastructure. The likelihood of incurring hair breakage is a lot higher with relaxed hair than when you braid natural hair.

How often do braids need to be redone?

Although braids can last anywhere between two to eight weeks depending on which kind you go for and how you wear them, you should be prepared to cleanse roughly every two to three weeks.

How can I fix my hair after a texturizer?

How To Take Care Of Texturized Hair

  1. Use products that suit your hair after texturizing.
  2. Sleep with a silk scarf wrapped around your head.
  3. It is important to wet your hair daily.
  4. Use a shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist at least four times a week.
  5. Avoid using brushes and go for a wide-toothed comb.
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Will a texturizer make hair curly?

Texturizers permanently change the structure of hair. It’s also important to remember that a texturizer will not create curl if it’s not already in the hair. Generally, a texturizer is left on the hair for five to 10 minutes, a shorter time than a relaxer.

Does texturizer stop hair growth?

A big misconception about texturizers is that once you put one in your hair, it stops your hair growth. Your hair will always continue to grow and a texturizer will not stop that. If your hair does stop growing, it’s for other reasons, not the texturizer.

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