Question: Lifetouch Charge For Premium Retouch When It’s Supposed To Be Free?

What is Premium retouching?

Premium Retouching includes evening of skin tone, teeth whitening (two shades) and softening of fine lines on the face. Premium Retouching can be added at checkout.

Does Lifetouch offer retouching?

$10.00. Premium Retouching Whitens teeth, evens skin tone, removes blemishes, scars and flyaway hair.

Can you cancel Lifetouch pictures?

If you do not want this charge, you must cancel your Subscription Photobook App by contacting customer service at [email protected] (for the Groovebook mobile app) before the end of the Trial.

Can I retake my senior portraits?

If you don’t like them just tell us, and we will do retakes right away. If there is a problem that is beyond our control you can reschedule for a later date. post your senior pictures on our website in a special password-protected area. You may view your pictures online and decide what poses you would like to order.

What is high end retouching?

High-end retouching is all about keeping details and texture intact in an image so that it looks as natural as possible. Making sure the picture looks unretouched but polished is a matter of patience and wise choices in retouching techniques. Retouching is often seen as the evil part of the photography industry.

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What is the difference between retouching and editing?

Retouching in Detail Remember, editing is a basic correction of images whereas retouching is actual photo manipulation to change the look. We are used to seeing retouched images in print, so keep this in mind when viewing your own photos!

How long can you order pictures from Lifetouch?

You can order more portraits and portrait gifts up to 9 months after Picture Day. Follow instructions on your reorder form in your portrait envelope or see our Order Your School Pictures info on ordering after Picture Day.

What is basic retouching Lifetouch?

Life Touch, the company responsible for the majority of school portrait photos in the U.S. offers two options: For $8 you can get “basic retouching” which removes blemishes. For $12, you get “premium retouching,” which whitens teeth, evens skin tone and removes blemishes and scars.

Can I edit Lifetouch photos?

Such subtle tweaks are so in demand that companies now offer “retouching” packages; national school photo service Lifetouch allows parents to opt for basic retouching (which will remove blemishes), premium retouching (to whiten teeth and eliminate flyaway hairs), or custom retouching, which lets parents write in a

Does Lifetouch give refunds?

Lifetouch offers a satisfaction guarantee. For fall portraits, return your portraits on retake day and we’ll re-photograph your child free of charge. If you’re still not satisfied, return your portraits for a full refund.

Who owns Lifetouch?

You can download your digital images from your personalized Lifetouch page on Shutterfly by selecting a thumbnail image and clicking on ‘Download Selected’. This will download the image in full resolution. You can also navigate to My Photos, select a single or multiple photos and click the download button.

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How long do senior portraits take?

1. How long will it take? You can plan on 1-2 hours for a Senior Portrait session.

How do I get my digital copy of prestige portraits?

As soon as your Prestige Photography digital image is ready, you’ll receive an email directing you to If you already have a Shutterfly account, you’ll simply log in to access your Lifetouch digital images. If you do not have a Shutterfly account, the email will direct you to create one.

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