Quick Answer: How To Smooth Out New Growth On A Relaxer Retouch?

How can I straighten my new growth?

Blow-dry your new hair growth to straighten it. Spray wet hair with a heat protectant spray, then run a blow dryer with a comb attachment through the new hair growth until it is thoroughly straight. Work with one-inch thick sections using a 1500- to 1800-watt blow dryer.

How do you smooth out relaxed hair?

How to Have Bouncy, Smooth, and Shiny Hair

  1. Set your hair with a conditioning and setting lotion.
  2. Dry your hair with medium-high heat.
  3. Wrap your hair with a medium comb and then brush to lay all stray hair down.
  4. Go under a medium-high dryer with a clean plastic cap for 7 – 10 minutes to remove roller parts.

How long should you wait between relaxers?

When getting relaxers, it’s recommended that you wait at least twelve weeks between touch-ups; that’s about three months. By that time most people have a significant amount of new growth to minimize the chances of the relaxer over-lapping, and therefore over processing the previously relaxed strands.

How often should you touch up a relaxer?

“I recommend anywhere from 8-10 weeks on average for touch-ups,” says Wauchope. While eight weeks between touch-ups is recommended, some may feel the need to apply relaxers more frequently.

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Why is my new growth so dry?

If you’re asking yourself: Why is my transitioning hair so dry?, it could be a number of things. Heat styling as a way of keeping the new growth at your roots smooth may be drying hair out, or perhaps leftover chemicals on the processed pieces of your hair have stripped them of moisture.

How do you soften and moisturize relaxed hair?

Massage a quarter-sized amount of pure coconut oil into your scalp and onto the new hair growth after you shampoo and while the hair is still damp. This will add moisture and soften the new hair growth so it will loosen its curls.

Can you flat iron transitioning hair?

Whether you are transitioning or natural, caution should be taken when applying heat to your hair. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional flat iron or press, but you can overdo it and alter your curl pattern permanently.

How can I get my relaxed hair back to natural?

11 Top tips for transitioning from relaxed to natural hair

  1. Take the time to learn about your new hair growth.
  2. Give yourself time to adjust.
  3. Remember to trim.
  4. Keep it moisturised.
  5. Find a hairstyle that works.
  6. Consider a protective hairstyle.
  7. Go easy with it.
  8. Switch to co-washing.

How often should relaxed hair be washed?

Relaxed hair should be washed at least once a week, especially during warmer months when sun, chlorine and saltwater can negatively impact chemically treated locs. Invest in a shampoo with hydrating properties to help you clean, maintain and restore hydration.

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