Relaxer Retouch How Long To Process?

How long does a relaxer retouch take?

Apply the relaxer until every clipped area is covered. This should take no longer than 10 minutes.

How often should you get a relaxer retouch?

“I recommend anywhere from 8-10 weeks on average for touch-ups,” says Wauchope. While eight weeks between touch-ups is recommended, some may feel the need to apply relaxers more frequently.

How long does relaxer take to work?

The results vary depending on your hair type, but usually a hair relaxer will leave your hair straight for about six to eight weeks. Unlike other permanent straightening methods, relaxing your hair will require touch-ups from time to time.

Where do I start my relaxer retouch?

Apply relaxer ¼ inch to ½ inch away from the scalp (distance from the scalp will be determined during hair shaft analysis) and up to the porous ends (CAUTION: DO NOT APPLY RELAXER ON THE CLIENT’S SCALP). Apply relaxer to the underside of the strand of each subsection.

How long can you go without a retouch?

Stretching Beyond 8 Weeks The directions on most chemical relaxers suggest that hair should be retouched every 8 weeks. Please note however that you can extend the amount of time between your relaxer touch ups for longer than 8 weeks.

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How long can you go without a relaxer?

When getting relaxers, it’s recommended that you wait at least twelve weeks between touch-ups; that’s about three months. By that time most people have a significant amount of new growth to minimize the chances of the relaxer over-lapping, and therefore over processing the previously relaxed strands.

Does relaxed hair grow faster?

No. Going natural will NOT make your hair grow faster. Your hair will grow the same whether it is natural or relaxed. Hair growth is based on the cell reproduction happening within your scalp.

Can I wash my hair day after relaxer?

You can technically wash your hair the day after getting a relaxer. However, if you want to ensure that your hair has time to adjust to the chemical treatment, you should wait at least a week before washing. This is the best way to make sure your relaxer lasts.

How can I make my relaxer last longer?

Here are my 10 tips for having a successful relaxer stretch.

  1. Fully detangle. Detangling is essential.
  2. Cleanse often. Cleansing is essential for healthy hair.
  3. Deep condition. This is a must.
  4. Moisturize often. It’s important we keep our hair moisturized.
  5. Incorporate protein.
  6. Work in sections.
  7. Manipulate less.
  8. Wrap nightly.

Do relaxers thin your hair?

Hair relaxers straighten hair by penetrating the cuticle and the cortex layers of the hair shaft to loosen the natural curl pattern. This process leaves the hair weak, brittle and prone to breakage. It can even burn your skin, cause permanent damage to the scalp and lead to hair loss.

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Are you supposed to relax your ends?

Repeatedly relaxing all the hair on your head is a good way to damage your hair and cause thin hair strands which eventually leads to breakage. Tip: Prior to applying relaxer to new growth, be sure to coat the ends of your previously relaxed hair with some type of conditioner, oil or Vaseline.

How often can you relax your edges?

The temple areas should not be relaxed every two weeks. Normally the density of the hair is lower around the edges, and it is almost impossible to prevent over processing if the hair is relaxed every two weeks.

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