What Happended If You Dont Retouch Your Scalp Micropigmentation?

What if I have scalp micropigmentation and keep long hair?

If your hairline is intact, and you’re merely experiencing hair thinning across your scalp, micropigmentation can give the illusion of depth to your hair. Keeping hair long with scalp micropigmentation is also possible for those with receding hairlines. Of course, in both of these cases, be wary of future hair loss.

Will I regret scalp micropigmentation?

Will I Regret Scalp Micropigmentation? No, you will not regret it. But in case it is not done well, you will.

How often should you touch up SMP?

SMP lasts a lifetime with proper care, however, maintenance is required such as touch ups to maintain the dark pigment color. Touch ups depend on client to client basis but on average we should touch base every 3 to 6 years to schedule a followup.

Does scalp micropigmentation cause hair loss?

Permanent hair loss due to damaged follicles is an extreme complication of folliculitis. However, scalp micropigmentation does not cause this condition. With or without a hair tattoo, if you shave your head it is important to maintain proper scalp care. Remember, your scalp is skin.

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Do you have to shave your head for scalp micropigmentation?

You probably don’t need to completely shave your head if you only have a specific area thinning on top. Scalp micropigmentation can be used to conceal the thinning areas and create a look of thicker hair. In this case, you wouldn’t have to shave your head.

Does SMP make your hair grow?

SMP is similar to tattooing and the pigments themselves present no side effects to hair follicles. You can expect hair regrowth to be as normal as possible when you undergo scalp micropigmentation.

Does scalp micropigmentation look fake?

So does scalp micropigmentation look fake? No. However, there are caveats to ensure a natural-looking finish. Scalp micropigmentation is a treatment that is being placed firmly on the global map as a household name for hair restoration.

Is scalp micropigmentation noticeable?

It is noticeable if you let your hair grow out too long. In fact, scalp micropigmentation is much less noticeable than hair loss is. So if you have scalp micropigmentation in order to cover hair loss, then it’s going to be much less noticeable.

Does micropigmentation look natural?

Scalp micropigmentation can look incredibly real when done correctly. Most clients tell us that their co-workers or family members say they look younger or ask if they got a new haircut but they won’t be able to pinpoint the exact change.

Does SMP fade after a few days?

It is common for a client to leave the clinic elated after their first session, only to be disappointed a few days later when the pigments have faded significantly. It is important to remember that this is perfectly normal, and a expected and essential part of the process.

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Why does my SMP keep fading?

One of the biggest factors pigmentation starts to fade is due to sun exposure (UV rays). The more your scalp pigments are exposed to Ultraviolet rays, the faster the treatment starts to fade away. Another reason the scalp micropigmentation last is due to the type of pigments and needles applied.

How long does scalp micropigmentation last?

Micropigmentation is considered semipermanent. While the effects may last up to eight years, the treated area will fade over time since all skin naturally exfoliates itself.

Can hair grow back after thinning?

Although hair re-growth may be possible, you should also know when to seek professional help. If the reason for thinning hair is genetics, it will not grow back on its own. To grow back a healthy, full head of hair, you’ll need to take action, and that involves reviewing different hair loss options.

Can scalp micropigmentation be removed?

Yes, you can remove scalp micropigmentation (SMP) via laser tattoo removal or other available options. SMP removal is also a delicate process.

Is SMP a good option?

SMP is a great solution for some types of hair loss, but others may be better off with an FUE hair transplant or PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy) treatment. Obviously scalp micro pigmentation is a great treatment to relieve the emotional distress that can be caused by bald or thinning hair.

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